Taking A Look Back…

I cannot believe it’s already been four years since we decided on eternity! How are we only 1 year away from our 5th anniversary?! So much has happened in such a short amount of time for us. It almost doesn’t seem real? But it also feels so long ago at the same time!

Since getting married we have: moved 5 times (including once across the country), graduated college, lived in 4 different states, flipped a townhouse, discovered we are in fact not Chip and Joanna, had a baby, moved jobs, lost some loved ones, gained others, and built our current house.

Whew! It’s been one crazy adventure, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. In honor of our anniversary, I thought it would be fun to share some fun insights into our married life.

Our First Fight

When we were engaged, Jesse promised me that we would get a good quality vacuum once we were married (he will deny this until the day he dies!!!!). On the way to Target, he totally backpedaled on his word (I was so mad), and his defense was that we were poor college kids (which was totally true). He also didn’t see the value in spending money on a vacuum.

So here we are, in the Target vacuum aisle, literally arguing about what vacuum to get. People were walking past us and staring (also laughing because they knew exactly what was happening). I finally got fed up and said “fine, we can get whatever vacuum you want, as long as it’s not 1. a piece of junk brand and 2. red”

You wanna take a wild guess as to what vacuum we ended up walking out of the store with? A bright red, handheld DIRT DEVIL. I was so mad!!! Jesse was convinced it was gonna be amazing. LOL.

Well, it was literally the worst vacuum I’ve ever used (like you could do a better job hand picking crap off the carpet) and it went in the trash once we moved from Idaho to North Carolina. The first item we bought in North Carolina was the original vacuum I had picked out and here we are, 3 years later. That puppy is still going strong! Moral of the story: trust your wife when she says you need a good quality vacuum!!

Jesse’s Favorite Memory

When we were still in college and living in Idaho, we got the bright idea to tell each other ghost stories late one night. We hadn’t been able to sleep, so we told each other ghost stories at like 1am to try to pass time until one of us could fall asleep.

We ended up freaking ourselves out so badly that we got in the car and went to McDonald’s to get some food. Hahahaha! We came back, ate our food, and watched a tv show until we weren’t freaked out anymore. We are such noobs! Ha! Even now, we don’t watch scary movies or tell scary ghost stories because we know we can’t handle it. Know your limits! Haha!


If you would’ve told me 4 years ago that we would be living in Jacksonville, Florida with our 16 month old wild little boy, in our freshly built house, I would’ve called you crazy! We have been tried, tested, blessed; we’ve lost; we’ve gained. I can’t wait to see what next year has in store for us! We have a couple of big trips planned, and some exciting things coming our way.

But most importantly, we have each other. Jesse is everything I am not (which is a heck of a lot). We truly complete each other, and he is my better half. I love this life we’ve built, and our little boy has our hearts completely.

Happy Anniversary, my love!