Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2021

Getting gifts for Mother’s Day is extremely difficult because you want to show mom how much you love her with a quality gift that she’ll adore. But you also need something that fits your budget. And while most of us would love to give her the moon, it’s just not in our wheelhouse. So how do you find quality gifts that show your appreciation without breaking the bank?

Look no further, babes. Every single item on this list is less than $100 (at the time of publication). And I have 40 gifts on this guide for a range of personalities, so you’re sure to find a gift that works for your beautiful mama! Settle in and get to shopping. You have 3 weeks until the big day! Happy Shopping!


For the moms who love the finer things in life

Some of our mamas are boujee and appreciate self-indulging. I totally can be this way! Sometimes you just need to treat yo’self. So take a page out of Parks And Rec by getting your mom one of these items that are *chef’s kiss*

Skip spending almost $100 on a 1 oz bottle of La Mer (it’s totally overhyped by the blogging community), and opt for one of these instead! I can personally attest to the back massager with thousands of 5 star reviews, as our in laws have one and it is amazing. Plus, it’s on sale with a $40 off coupon! Bonus: get her a bathtub tray and some amazing bath salts so she can soak peace while watching her favorite shows and eating her favorite treats. Life really doesn’t get better than that.


For the moms who don’t mind quarantine

There’s nothing quite like a cloudy Saturday at home where you can curl up in your softest pajamas, read a book, enjoy breakfast in bed, or just enjoy being. For those of you looking for cheaper pajama options, look here and here (Ann Taylor pajamas are an extra 50% off!). And for those of us with bookworm mamas, buying her a Kindle Unlimited Membership at $10/month is sure to be a success. She’ll have tens of thousands of books at her fingertips (no Kindle needed).

On The Go

For the moms with busy schedules

Lots of mamas spend their days running from errand to errand. Whether it’s coordinating after school activities, picking up groceries, dropping kids off at soccer… sometimes, we just need easy outfits that make us look and feel great but are also breathable. And for those days you’re practically married to your car, you’re going to want water that stays ice cold. Cause no one likes hot car water. These adidas are neutral enough that they can work with practically any ‘fit, but if you prefer another style, no worries. You have your choice of 10 different colors.

Tip: grab a sweatshirt to coordinate with her look (both are on sale!)


For the moms that love to have dinner parties

RIP to all the dinner parties and game nights that were sacrificed due to COVID 2020. Since vaccinations are becoming more widespread, I know mamas who love to entertain are happy to get back to hosting! And every good hostess needs beautiful servingware.

I have wanted these glasses from Anthro for literal years. I think they are beyond gorgeous and so fun to have for special occasions, so I had to include them in this post. Charcuterie boards have also blown up over the last year, so the olive branch cutting board I included is a beautiful piece to lay your meats, fruits, and cheeses for a dinner party that’s sure to have guests talking for months to come. Last but not least, beautiful vases are always a must. Every Southern woman will tell you that fresh flowers in the home are necessary when entertaining guests! I linked this gorgeous vase as well, because it reminds me of sunshine. Its’ bright colors are so welcoming! If you want brownie points, buy her a vase and get a Farmgirl Flowers bouquet delivered so she has something gorgeous to put her flowers in.


For the moms who never lost that sense of wanderlust

While international travel is still pretty much a no-go (other than a few countries in the Caribbean), you can still get mom excited about upcoming travel! National parks are also mostly open to visitors, so mom can still enjoy getting lost in new places with these items.

A waterproof backpack is essential for any traveler- international or not. You never know when you’ll get caught in a rainstorm! This backpack comes in 34 colors, so I am confident you’ll find the perfect color. For the truly adventurous, I included a travel hammock and a smart bracelet that allows you to check in with family members if you’re on trails or traveling alone. This is so important for women and their safety!


For the moms who value alone time

We all need to get lost in our head sometimes, and moms especially need this because they spend so much of their time being touched and prodded by screeching littles When that happens, know that she just needs a freaking break with most likely her favorite treat and an easy hobby she can connect with to sort her thoughts. I included two journals (the first is completely unprompted- the second is for anxiety), a paint by numbers kit, and a jig saw puzzle to help mom relax in a healthy way.


For the moms that want to be cool

Becoming a mom is so difficult because it’s very easy to lose part of your identity, especially if you’re someone who is into fashion. All of a sudden, you’re building a wardrobe around breastfeeding and/or comfort, and most maternity items are matronly instead of young and fresh. These items are perfect for all moms who put emphasis on style, and their versatility make it so you can feel your best in practically any outfit.


For the moms that love Mother Earth

Reducing our carbon footprint and overall waste is important to many mamas! For those of you who fall under this category, I included a few items that won’t break your budget but are sure to make you happy in your quest to give back to the environment. My personal favorite of this series is the self watering indoor garden. It’s perfect for those who are in small living spaces, apartments, etc.The candle I included has wildflower seeds at the bottom for you to plant after you’re done burning the candle AND a reusable jar. For the truly brave, try a compost bin.

I hope you found something that suits your needs- whether you’re shopping for yourself or for a loved woman in honor of this special day. Mothers are so important and are almost single-handedly raising the next generation, so it’s important to get her something she’ll love. Let me know what you’re purchasing from this list in the comments below!