Our D&C Experience (with Q&A)

We found out that our baby was no longer with us on a Thursday afternoon. Due to some concerns (which will be addressed in a separate post about our miscarriage), my doctor recommended a D&C immediately.

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3 Things I Wasn’t Expecting About Labor & Delivery

Happy Mother’s Day! In honor of this special day, I’m going to be sharing a few surprises during my labor and delivery experience. Labor and delivery are NO joke! It was the most painful and exhausting experience of my life. I’m a chronic over-preparer, so I did my homework but I still was shocked by these three things that no one talked about:

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The Dress That Encompasses Sunshine

This gorgeous yellow sun dress was supposed to make its grand debut in Rome, Italy. Sadly, so much has changed in the last month, and I was inspired by its ethereal nature. We could all use a bit of sunshine and warmth these days.


The Perfect Mom

I had just lost my temper with my 20 month old during one our wrestling matches (aka diaper changes) when the following words entered my mind: “He doesn’t need a perfect mom, he just needs a present mom.” And I sat back for a moment, my toddler still trying to wrangle free from my arms, screaming and kicking as if…

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Oversized Blazers

Of the Skimp or Splurge Series Today, I am extremely excited to announce a new regular series coming to the Genuinely Bex Blog! Skimp or Splurge is a short blog post with advice following fashion’s latest trends. I see many, MANY women get caught up in the constant rotation of what’s “in” each season. While some of these trends hang…

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Budget Valentine’s Gifts

For the whole family that aren’t candy or flowers! Almost every single one of us is over getting cheap gifts in the form of Russell Stover assorted chocolates and teddy bears unraveling at the seams. But finding quality Valentine’s gifts at a cheap price seems a bit out of reach. Especially for those of us ballin’ on a budget. Today,…

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Hearty Vegetable Soup

VEGETARIAN + VEGAN! Happy National Homemade Soup Day! It seems like a silly holiday to celebrate, but little did you know, I grew up eating soup I would come home from school, call my mom to tell her about my day, and then make myself a bowl of soup. I literally did this through college until I had a…

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Heatless Curler Review

As a mama that doesn’t have a lot of time on her hands, but also has fragile hair post-baby (thanks, pregnancy), heatless curlers seemed like THE WAY to go for an at home blowout. I saw these puppies on Amazon and they had incredible reviews. Plus, they were super cute. I thought, why not? What could go wrong? It was…

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If Only You Knew

Hey Mama, I saw you at the grocery store today, struggling with your three boys, as one had a meltdown, one was yelling “mommy! mommy! mommy!” over and over, trying to get your attention, and the other was trying to pull you away from the cart. I saw the frustration in your eyes. I saw “the look”. The one every…

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